In Debt At 50 - The Struggle Continues

Day five of my three month daily journals. My sister might give me $3000 to pay down my car note. They won't budge from the $575 monthly car note, even though I owe only $10,000. I will call them tomorrow to see if $5000 will bring down the monthly payments. If not, I will use the money to pay off a credit card and get back into the chapter 13 program. I don't see any other way around it. Also, I called to pay off a $35 payment on my old Victoria's Secret credit card. However, when I called the automated line said I owed nothing. I will call back tomorrow to see if I can talk to a live person. If I pay them, that will be 3 creditors I have paid off in the month of May. I will let you guys know what the two creditors say tomorrow. Will keep my fingers crossed and maybe I will have some good news to share.

In Debt At 50 Part Three

Day four of my three month daily journals. I woke this morning feeling that I want to really push my exercise blog because I think this is the way to go to make more money that is less labor intensive. All of my side hustles are very physical and taking a toll on my knees. I decided to buy a grammar correcting program that may help me get more blog campaigns.  I have been using the free version of Grammarly but I did not want to spend too much money so I researched and found one that is just as good but costs less. I settled on Ginger, just like the name of my cat. It costs 9.99 a month if you pay quarterly. They had a Memorial Day sale. I wanted to stick with Grammarly but they were too expensive.  My Etsy shop is doing okay. I got a sale as I was typing out this article. If only I could get two or three sales a day, that would help out my debt problem a lot. I would love to make $500 a month from my shop. Going to do a brainstorming session to come up with more unique ideas. He

My Side Hustles

To get out of debt I have been doing various side hustles. Here are my latest hustles: Etsy shop Blogging Delivering flowers I opened an Etsy shop and I sell printables of my workouts and more. I thought it would bring in more money LOL and it has been a disappointment. Right now, I make a profit about 1100.00 a year and this is pretax. I decided to put all of the money I make from this side hustle into a savings account. One good thing about my shop, it makes a profit and it is passive income. I have been blogging with another blog since June of 2012 and it doesn't make me much money even though I keep trying. My husband thinks I should give it up if I can't make money with it. I stopped posting as much and started concentrating on SEO tactics for each post. It has worked on a few new posts; I get Google traffic without much marketing via social media. The bright side of starting the blog in 2012, I write better. My writing skills are not great but they were very ba

In Debt at 50 Part Two

I'm going to try to blog daily to keep myself accountable and hopefully find hope and peace with my journey out of debt. Yesterday, I blogged how I handled money as a youth all the way up to when everything turned upside down. Read part one here .   In 2017 after seven of my clients had some type of life issues, I decided to find a part-time job so I can get a paycheck every two weeks. Finding personal training and instructors jobs that pay well these days, isn't an easy task. I applied to one famous gym and they start you off at $6 for a 30-minute training session, so two clients back to back would be $12 an hour. This was not enough for me to pay down my debt. I eventually found a job that pays me 22.00 an hour.  With this new job, the pay is good and I can work full-time is it were possible but the clientele doesn't sustain a constant roster of clients. They will train with you for one month or even three at the max but eventually they stop training. Again, I have a

In Debt At 50

This is my first post and I'm ashamed and disheartened about my debt situation. I decided to blog to talk about my failures and triumphs as I try to make it out of debt. Maybe you are just like me because you are not in your twenties, thirties or even forties.  As a young person, my parents never gave me an allowance and I wasn't allowed to have a job as a teenager. I think that did not help me with learning how to manage money at a young age. After I went off to school I racked up debt via student loans and credit cards. I was never good with money but one good thing, I didn't like to shop. When I met my hubby in school and we decided to live together, we had separate checking accounts and I kept it that way after we got married. I reasoned that I was so bad with money it would be better if we just split the bills down the middle. It would cause fewer fights over money and it did until now. Don't get me wrong I did not want for money because I had a well-payin