In Debt At 50

This is my first post and I'm ashamed and disheartened about my debt situation. I decided to blog to talk about my failures and triumphs as I try to make it out of debt. Maybe you are just like me because you are not in your twenties, thirties or even forties. 

As a young person, my parents never gave me an allowance and I wasn't allowed to have a job as a teenager. I think that did not help me with learning how to manage money at a young age. After I went off to school I racked up debt via student loans and credit cards. I was never good with money but one good thing, I didn't like to shop.

When I met my hubby in school and we decided to live together, we had separate checking accounts and I kept it that way after we got married. I reasoned that I was so bad with money it would be better if we just split the bills down the middle. It would cause fewer fights over money and it did until now.

Don't get me wrong I did not want for money because I had a well-paying job. I should have tried to live within my means and tried to save more. I was a contractor or self-employed at a company for 20 years. It was a disaster. I was a poor money manager on top of trying to save money for taxes. This left me in tax debt year after year.

Finally, I leave my job to go at it alone. I am a personal trainer and training money was good money before the recession of 2008. After the recession hit, bam, I was completely wiped out. I kept a few clients but having debt and less money sent me in a tailspin.

In 2012, I discovered the Dave Ramsey program of becoming debt free and for the first time, I started living within my means. Vacations, spas, and restaurants have not been in my life since 2012 and I'm proud to say that I control my spending. However, my issue now is an income problem. I can't seem to make enough to pay off my 100,000 worth of credit card, tax, and car loan debt.

I will continue with this tomorrow. If you have a comment please leave one and you can be harsh I can take it, I hear it weekly from the hubby anyway.


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