In Debt At 50 Part Three

Day four of my three month daily journals.

I woke this morning feeling that I want to really push my exercise blog because I think this is the way to go to make more money that is less labor intensive. All of my side hustles are very physical and taking a toll on my knees. I decided to buy a grammar correcting program that may help me get more blog campaigns. 

I have been using the free version of Grammarly but I did not want to spend too much money so I researched and found one that is just as good but costs less. I settled on Ginger, just like the name of my cat. It costs 9.99 a month if you pay quarterly. They had a Memorial Day sale. I wanted to stick with Grammarly but they were too expensive. 

My Etsy shop is doing okay. I got a sale as I was typing out this article. If only I could get two or three sales a day, that would help out my debt problem a lot. I would love to make $500 a month from my shop. Going to do a brainstorming session to come up with more unique ideas. Here is my shop, do you have any suggestions? The Body Workout 

I don't know if any of these will work, but I have to keep on trying. One day something might really stick or become very lucrative, hopefully...


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