In Debt At 50 - The Struggle Continues

Day five of my three month daily journals.

My sister might give me $3000 to pay down my car note. They won't budge from the $575 monthly car note, even though I owe only $10,000. I will call them tomorrow to see if $5000 will bring down the monthly payments. If not, I will use the money to pay off a credit card and get back into the chapter 13 program. I don't see any other way around it.

Also, I called to pay off a $35 payment on my old Victoria's Secret credit card. However, when I called the automated line said I owed nothing. I will call back tomorrow to see if I can talk to a live person. If I pay them, that will be 3 creditors I have paid off in the month of May.

I will let you guys know what the two creditors say tomorrow. Will keep my fingers crossed and maybe I will have some good news to share.


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