My Side Hustles

To get out of debt I have been doing various side hustles. Here are my latest hustles:
  • Etsy shop
  • Blogging
  • Delivering flowers
I opened an Etsy shop and I sell printables of my workouts and more. I thought it would bring in more money LOL and it has been a disappointment. Right now, I make a profit about 1100.00 a year and this is pretax. I decided to put all of the money I make from this side hustle into a savings account. One good thing about my shop, it makes a profit and it is passive income.

I have been blogging with another blog since June of 2012 and it doesn't make me much money even though I keep trying. My husband thinks I should give it up if I can't make money with it. I stopped posting as much and started concentrating on SEO tactics for each post. It has worked on a few new posts; I get Google traffic without much marketing via social media. The bright side of starting the blog in 2012, I write better. My writing skills are not great but they were very bad back in the day.

On Valentines 2019, I started delivering flowers from a floral shop a few houses down from me. It has been great. My goal was to bring in 125.00 post-tax each week. However, I picked up a few new clients at my job and I have less time to work at the shop. My new goal is to make 60.00 - 80.00 a week.

Yesterday, I had bouts of sadness but today I feel a little better. I'm working on how to up the income of the first two side hustles. Do you think I should continue blogging or give it up?  


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